The big name behind the HCG injections for sale


There is a very good reason for the use of this acronym. The hcg injections for sale may be quite familiar to hormone-deficient consumers by now but the original name behind it not. It’s extremely complex definition of human chorionic gonadotropin is not and will not ever be an easy name to remember. It defines a complex process of extracting hormones from a human female’s body at a defined term of her pregnancy.

Those extracted hormones are then compounded for wholesale and retail to consumers who have an acute hormone deficiency. In line with the Food and Drug Administration’s strict recommendations, all extracted hormones are natural and can only be reproduced for re-use within the borders of the USA. Sourced elsewhere and it is then illegal. The pivotal time for extracting the woman’s hormones is set at just after eleven days of conception.

hcg injections for sale

Human Chorionic Gonadotropin is an entirely natural hormone that is produced solely in the bodies of women who have just conceived. The hormone extraction is deemed effective after eleven days of conception. The hormone doubles in quantity every two days and it reaches a peak value when pregnant women reach their eleventh week of pregnancy. After that, levels of HCG in the women’s bodies start to gradually drop.

Hormones are extracted from the urine of pregnant women. The urine is collected and placed in centrifugal filters which separate hcg from the urine. And the finished product, if you will, is defined as the hcg hormone which is then packaged into those for sale injections. There is an alternative in the form of drops, placed below the tongue, but it is argued that injection of hormones is far more effective.

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